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1 But it shall not be gloomy to those who have been in anguish for her. In the past he humbled the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali, but at the last he will exalt the Sea Route by the Jordan in Galilee of the nations.
2 The people walking in darknesshave seen a bright light;on the inhabitants of the landof the shadow of Deathhas the light dawned. 3 You have enlarged the nationand increased its joy;they rejoice at your presenceas men rejoice at harvest time,or as men are joyous when they divide spoil.
4 For you have smashed the yokethat burdened them,the staff of submission,the rod of those who subjected them,as in the day of Midian’s defeat. 5 And all boots used in battleand tunics rolled in bloodhave become fuel for bonfires.
6 For to us a child is born, a son appointed,who will shoulder the burden of government.He will be calledWonderful Counsellor, One Mighty in Valor,a Father for Ever, a Prince of Peace 7 that sovereignty may be extendedand peace have no end;that, on the throne of Davidand over his kingdom,his rule may be established and upheldby justice and righteousnessfrom this time forth and forever.The zeal of Jehovah of Hosts will accomplish it.
8 This message my Lord sent to Jacob,and it shall befall Israel. 9 And the entire peopleEphraim and those who dwell in Samariashall know of it,who say in pride and arrogance of heart, 10 The bricks have fallen down,but we will rebuild with hewn stone;the sycamores have been felled,but we will replace them with cedars! 11 But Jehovah will strengthenRezin’s enemies against themwhen he stirs up their adversaries: 12 Aramaeans from the eastand Philistines from the westwill devour Israel with open mouth.
Yet for all this his anger is not abated;his hand is upraised still.
13 But the people do not turn backto him who smites them,nor will they inquire of Jehovah of Hosts. 14 Therefore Jehovah will cut off from Israelhead and tail, palm top and reed, in a single day; 15 the elders or notables are the head,the prophets who teach falsehoods, the tail. 16 The leaders of these people have misled them,and those who are led are confused. 17 My Lord is not pleased with their young men,nor does he pity their fatherless and widows,because all alike are godless malefactors,and every mouth utters profanities.
Yet for all this his anger is not abated;his hand is upraised still.
18 Wickedness shall be set ablaze like a fire,and briars and thorns shall it consume;it shall ignite the jungle forests,and they shall billow upwardin mushrooming clouds of smoke. 19 At the wrath of Jehovah of Hoststhe earth is scorched,and people are but fuel for the fire.Men will have no compassion for one another. 20 They will snatch on the right, yet remain hungry;they will devour on the left, but not be satisfied:men will eat the flesh of their own offspring. 21 Manasseh will turn against Ephraimand Ephraim against Manasseh,and both will combine against Judah.
Yet for all this his anger is not abated;his hand is upraised still.


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