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1 Thus says Jehovah:Observe justice and perform righteousness,for my salvation will soon comewhen my righteousness is revealed. 2 Blessed is the man who does so—the person who holds fast to them—who keeps the Sabbath without profaning it,who stays his hand from doing any evil.
3 Let not the foreigner who adheres to Jehovah say,Jehovah will surely exclude me from his people.And let not the eunuch say, I am but a barren tree. 4 For thus says Jehovah:As for the eunuchs who keep my Sabbathsand choose to do what I willholding fast to my covenant 5 to them I will give a handclasp and a namewithin the walls of my housethat is better than sons and daughters;I will endow them with an everlasting namethat shall not be cut off.
6 And the foreigners who adhere to Jehovahto serve him,who love the name of Jehovah,that they may be his servantsall who keep the Sabbath without profaning it,holding fast to my covenant 7 these I will bring to my holy mountainand gladden in my house of prayer.Their offerings and sacrificesshall be accepted on my altar,for my house shall be knownas a house of prayer for all nations. 8 Thus says my Lord Jehovah,who gathers up the outcasts of Israel:I will gather others to those already gathered.
9 All you wild beasts, you animals of the forest,come and devour! 10 Their watchmen are altogether blind and unaware;all of them are but dumb watchdogs unable to bark,lolling seers fond of slumber.
11 Gluttonous dogs, and insatiable,such indeed are insensible shepherds.They are all diverted to their own way,every one after his own advantage. 12 Come, they say, let us get wineand have our fill of liquor.For tomorrow will be like today, only far better!


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