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1 Hear me, you followers of righteousness,seekers of Jehovah:Look to the rock from which you were cut,to the quarry out of which you were hewn; 2 look to Abraham your father,to Sarah who bore you.He was but one when I called him,but I blessed him by making him many. 3 For Jehovah is comforting Zion,bringing solace to all her ruins;he is making her wilderness like Eden,her desert as the garden of Jehovah.Joyful rejoicing takes place there,thanksgiving with the voice of song.
4 Listen to me, my people;give heed to me, O my nation:The law shall go forth from me;my precepts shall be a light to the peoples.Then, suddenly, I will act: 5 My righteousness shall be at handand my salvation proceed;my arms shall judge the peoplesthe isles anticipate me, awaiting my arm.
6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens;look on the earth beneath:the heavens shall vanish as by smoke,the earth wear out like a garmentits inhabitants shall die in the manner of vermin.But my salvation shall be everlasting;my righteousness shall never fail.
7 Hear me, you who know righteousness,O people in whose heart is my law:Do not fear the reproach of men;be undaunted by their ridicule. 8 For the moth shall consume them like a garment;moths shall devour them like wool.But my righteousness shall endure forever,my salvation through endless generations.
9 Awake, arise; clothe yourself with power,O arm of Jehovah!Bestir yourself, as in ancient times,as in generations of old.Was it not you who carved up Rahab,you who slew the dragon? 10 Was it not you who dried up the Sea,the waters of the mighty deep,and made of ocean depths a wayby which the redeemed might pass? 11 Let the ransomed of Jehovah return!Let them come singing to Zion,their heads crowned with everlasting joy;let them obtain joy and gladness,and sorrow and sighing flee away.
12 I myself am your Comforter.Who are you that you fear mortal man,the children of men who shall be turned to grass? 13 Have you forgotten Jehovah, your Makerwho suspends the heavens,who sets the earth in placethat you go all day in constant dreadof the oppressor’s rageas he readies himself to wreak destruction?What is there to the wrath of the oppressor? 14 Soon now shall he who is bowed down be set free;he shall not die as those destined for the Pit,neither shall he want for food. 15 It is I Jehovah your God,whose name is Jehovah of Hosts,who stir up the Sea so that its waves roar. 16 I will put my words in your mouthand shelter you in the shadow of my hand,while I replant the heavens and set the earth in place,that I may say to Zion, You are my people.
17 Rouse yourself; awaken and rise up, O Jerusalem,you who have drunk from Jehovah’s handthe cup of his wrath,drinking to the dregs the bowl of stupor. 18 There was none to guide heramong all the children she bore,none to take her by the hand of all the sons she reared.
19 Twofold calamity has befallen you:desolation, ruin—and who laments you?famine, the sword—and who consolesa you? 20 Your children lie in a faint at the corner of every street,taken in a net like buffalo.They have their fill of the wrath of Jehovah,of your God’s angry rebuke.
21 Now therefore hear this, O wretched one,drunk, though not with wine. 22 Thus says Jehovah, your Lord and God,who defends the cause of his people:I am taking the cup of stupor from your hand;you shall drink no more from the bowl of my wrath. 23 And I give it into the hand of your tormentors,those who said of your life,Lie prostrate that we may go over you—so that you made your back as the ground,a mere thoroughfare to passers-by.


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