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1 Thus says Jehovah to his anointed,to Cyrus, whom I grasp by the right hand,to subdue nations before him,to ungird the loins of rulers,opening doors ahead of him,letting no gates remain shut: 2 I will go before you and level all obstacles;I will break in pieces brazen doorsand cut through iron bars. 3 I will give you hidden treasuresand secret hoards of wealththat you may know that it is I Jehovah,the God of Israel, who calls you by name.
4 For the sake of my servant Jacob,and Israel my chosen, I call you by nameI named you when yet you knew me not. 5 I am Jehovah, there is none other;apart from me there is no God.I girded you up when yet you knew me not— 6 that men from where the sun rises to where it setsmay know that without me there is nothing,that I am Jehovah, and that there is none other.
7 I fashion light and form darkness;I occasion peace and cause calamity.I, Jehovah, do all these things. 8 Rain down from above, O heavens;let the skies overflow with righteousness.Let the earth receive it and salvation ablossom;alet righteousness spring up forthwith.I, Jehovah, create it.
9 Woe to those in conflict with their Maker,mere shards of earthenware pottery!As though the clay were to say to him who molds it,What are you doing?Your hands have no skill for the work! 10 Woe to those who say to their Father,What have you begotten?or to the Woman, What have you borne?
11 Thus says Jehovah,the Holy One of Israel, their Maker:Will you ask meb for signsc concerning my children,or dictate to me about the deeds of my hands? 12 It is I who made the earthand created man upon it;I with my handd suspended the heavens,appointing all their host. 13 It is I who rightfully raise him up,who facilitate his every step;he will rebuild my city and set free my exileswithout price or bribe, says Jehovah of Hosts.
14 Thus says Jehovah:The wealth of Egypt and merchandise of Cusheshall pass on to you and become yours,eas shall the Sabeans, a people tall in stature.They shall walk behind you in chainsand bow down to you, entreating you,Surely God is in you; no other gods exist!
15 Truly you are a God who dissembles himself,O Savior, God of Israel.
16 As one, the makers of inventions retired in disgrace,utterly dismayed and embarrassed. 17 But Israel is saved by Jehovahwith an everlasting salvation;you shall not be dismayed or put to shameworlds without end.
18 For thus says Jehovah who created the heavens,the God who formed the earthwho made it secure and organized it,not to remain a chaotic waste,but designed it to be inhabited:I am Jehovah, there is none other. 19 I speak not in secretfrom somewhere in a land of darkness;I do not ask Jacob’s offspringto seek me amid chaos.I Jehovah tell righteousnessand am forthright of speech.
20 Gather yourselves and come;draw near, all you fugitives of the nations.They who carried about their wooden idolsand prayed to gods that could not save themwere caught unawares. 21 Speak up and present your case;go ahead and consult one another.Who foretold these things of old,predicted them long ago?Did not I, Jehovah,apart from whom there is no God?Did not I, the God of righteousness,except for whom there is no Savior?
22 Turn to me and save yourselves,all you ends of the earth;I am God, there is none other. 23 By myself I swear it—righteousness has issued from my mouth,by a decree that cannot be revoked:To me every knee shall bowand every tongue swear allegiance. 24 It shall be said of me,By Jehovah alone come vindicationf and might.Before him must come in shameall who were incensed against him. 25 In Jehovah shall all Israel’s offspringjustify themselves and have cause to boast.


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