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1 A king shall reign in righteousnessand rulers rule with justice. 2 And a man shall become as a shelterfrom the wind or refuge from the storm,like brooks of water in a desert place,or the shade of a large rock in arid country.
3 The eyes of those who see shall not be shut,and the ears of those who hear shall listen. 4 The minds of the rash shall learn understanding,and the tongues of the stammerers master eloquence. 5 The godless shall no longer be regarded as noblenor rogues considered respectable.
6 For the godless utter blasphemy;their heart ponders impiety:how to practice hypocrisy and preachperverse things concerning Jehovah,leaving the hungry soul empty,depriving the thirsty soul of drink. 7 And rogues scheme by malevolent meansand insidious devices to ruin the poor,and with false slogans and accusationsto denounce the needy. 8 But the noble are of noble intent,and stand up for what is virtuous.
9 Up, and listen to my voice, O complacent women;you careless daughters, hear my words! 10 In little more than a yearyou shall be in anguish, O carefree ones,for when the harvest is over,the produce shall fail to arrive.
11 Be alarmed, you complacent women;be perturbed, O careless daughters!Strip yourselves bare;put sackcloth around your waists. 12 Beat your breasts for the choice fieldsand flourishing vines, 13 for my people’s landshall be overgrown with briars and thorns.Mourn for all the amusement housesin the city of entertainment, 14 for the palaces shall lie abandoned,the clamorous towns deserted.High rises and panoramic resortsshall become haunts for ever after,the playground of wild animals,a browsing place for flocks.
19 a For by a hail shall forests be felled,cities utterly leveled. 15 Thenb shall a Spirit from on highbe poured out on us;the desert shall become productive landand lands now productivebe reckoned as brushwood.
16 So shall justice inhabit the desert,and righteousness abide in the farmland. 17 And the effect of justice shall be peace,and the result of righteousnessan assured calm forever. 18 My people shall dwell in peaceful settlements,in safe neighborhoods, in comfortable dwellings. 20 Blessed are you, who shall then sow by all waters,letting oxen and asses range free.


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