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1 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help,relying on horses,putting their trust in immense numbersof chariots and vast forces of horsemen,but who do not look to the Holy One of Israel,nor inquire of Jehovah!
2 Yet he too is shrewdand will bring disaster upon them,and not retract his words.He will rise up against the brood of miscreantsand allies of evildoers. 3 The Egyptians are human, not divine;their horses are flesh, not spirit:when Jehovah stretches out his hand,those who help them will stumbleand those helped will fall;both shall come to an end together.
4 For thus said Jehovah to me:As a lion or a young lion growls over the preywhen the shepherds muster in full force against him,and is not dismayed at the sound of their voicenor daunted by their numbers,so shall Jehovah of Hosts be when he descendsto wage war upon Mount Zion and upon its heights. 5 As birds hover over [the nest],aso will Jehovah of Hosts guard Jerusalem;by protecting it he will deliver it,by passing over it, preserve it.
6 Return to him from whom you have contrived to go far astray, O children of Israel. 7 For in that day every one of you will despise your idolatrous silver and gold by which your hands have incurred guilt.
8 And Assyria shall fall by a sword not of man;a sword not of mortals shall devour them:before that sword they shall waste awayand their young men melt; 9 their captainb shall expire in terrorand their officers shrink from the ensign,says Jehovah, whose fire is in Zion,whose furnace is in Jerusalem.


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