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1 In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah:
Our city is strong; salvation he has set upas walls and barricades!
2 Open the gates to let in the nationrighteous because it keeps faith. 3 Those whose minds are steadfast, O Jehovah,you preserve in perfect peace,for in you they are secure.
4 Ever trust in Jehovah,for Jehovah, Yah, is an everlasting Rock. 5 He has put down the elite inhabitantsof the exalted cityby casting it to the ground,laying it even with the dust. 6 It is trodden underfoot by the feet of the poor,by the footsteps of those impoverished.
7 The path of the righteous is straight;you pave an undeviating course for the upright. 8 In the very passage of your ordinanceswe anticipate you, O Jehovah;the soul’s desire is to contemplate your name. 9 My soul yearns for you in the night;at daybreak my spirit within me seeks after you.For when your ordinances are on the earth,the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.
10 Though favor be shown the wicked,they will not learn righteousness;in a land of uprightness they remain perverseand see not the glory of Jehovah. 11 O Jehovah, your hand is lifted up,but they perceive it not.Let them perceive with dismayyour zeal for your peoplewhen the fire prepared for your enemiesconsumes them.
12 O Jehovah, you bring about our peace;even all that we have accomplishedyou have done for us. 13 O Jehovah, our God, lords other than youhave ruled over us,but you alone we recall by name. 14 They are dead, to live no more,spirits who will not rise up;you appoint them to destruction,wiping out all recollection of them. 15 You have enlarged the nation, O Jehovah,and by enlarging it gained glory for yourself;you have withdrawn all borders in the earth.
16 O Jehovah, in their distress they remembered you;they poured out silent prayerswhen your chastisements were upon them. 17 As a woman about to give birthcries out from her pangs during labor,so were we at your presence, O Jehovah. 18 We were with child; we have been in labor,but have brought forth only wind.We have not wrought salvation in the earth,that the inhabitants of the world might not fall.a
19 Yet shall your dead live when their bodiesb arise.You will say to them,Awake, and sing for joy,you who abide in the dust:your dew is the dew of sunrise!For the earth shall cast up its dead.
20 Come, O my people, enter your chambersand shut the doors behind you;hide yourselves a little whileuntil the wrath is past. 21 For now will Jehovah come out of his dwelling placeto punish the inhabitants of the earthfor their iniquities;the earth will uncover the blood shed upon itand no more conceal its slain.


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