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1 Lo! Jehovah will lay waste the earth and empty it;he will disfigure its surfaceand scatter its inhabitants. 2 And it shall be with priest as with people,with master as with servant,with mistress as with maid,with seller as with buyer,with borrower as with lender,with debtor as with creditor 3 when the earth is sacked,it shall be utterly ravaged.Jehovah has given word concerning it.
4 The earth shall pine away,the world miserably perish;the elite of the earth shall be made wretched. 5 The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants:they have transgressed the laws,changed the ordinances,set at nought the ancient covenant. 6 The curse devours the earth,for those who dwell on it have incurred guilt;because of it the population of the earthshall be diminishedaand little of mankind remain.
7 The new wine withers on languishing vines,making all the lighthearted lament. 8 The rhythm of drums ceases,the revelers’ din stops;the pulsating of lyres comes to an end. 9 Men no longer drink wine amid song;liquor has turned bitter to drinkers. 10 The towns of disorder are broken up;all houses are shuttered, that none may enter. 11 Outside is heard the clamor for wine,though all joy has become gloom:the earth’s vitality is gone. 12 Havoc remains in the city;the gates lie battered to ruin.
13 Then shall it happen in the earth among the nationsas when an olive tree is beaten,or as grapes are gleaned when the vintage is ended. 14 Then will these lift up their voice and shout for joy,and those from across the seaexult at Jehovah’s ingenuity. 15 Because of it they will give glory to Jehovahin the regions of sunrise,and in the isles of the seato the name of Jehovah, the God of Israel.
16 From a sector of the earth we hear singing:Glorious are the righteous!Whereas I thought, I am wasting away;I am weakening:woe is me; the traitors have been treacherous,the turncoats have deceitfully betrayed!
17 Terrors and pitfalls and traps await you,O inhabitants of the earth: 18 those who flee at the sound of terrorshall fall into a pit,and those who get up from the pitshall be caught in a trap.For when the windows on high are opened,the earth shall shake to its foundations.
19 The earth shall be crushed and rent;the earth shall break up and cave in;the earth shall convulse and lurch. 20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,sway back and forth like a shanty;its transgressions weigh it down,and when it collapses it shall rise no more.
21 In that day will Jehovah deal on highwith the hosts on highand on earth with the rulers of the earth. 22 They shall be herded togetherlike prisoners to a dungeonand shut in confinement many days, as punishment. 23 The moon will blush and the sun be put to shame,when Jehovah of Hosts manifests his reignin Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,and his glory in the presence of his elders.


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