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1 An oracle concerning Tyre:
Sound your sirens, O merchant ships!For Tyrea is laid waste,stripped of warehouse and wharf.On their way from the land of Kittimshall they be informed of it.
2 Be dumbfounded, you inhabitants of the isles,who were amply replenishedby the traders of Sidon crossing the seas. 3 The grain of Shihor, the harvest of the Nile,was her source of revenue upon the high seaswhen she became the merchant of nations.
4 Be dismayed, O Sidon, because the Sea,the mighty haven of the Sea, has declared,I no longer labor and bear children!I no longer rear young men or raise virgins! 5 When the news of Tyre reaches Egypt,men will be in anguish at the report.
6 Move on to Tarshish lamenting,you inhabitants of the isles. 7 Is this your festive city of ancient origin,whose feet led her to settle far-off lands? 8 Who devised this stratagem against Tyre,the imperial city,whose traders were princes,whose merchants the world’s celebrities? 9 Jehovah of Hosts devised it,to make all glorying in excellence a profanity,and the world’s celebrities an utter execration.
10 Overflow your land like the Nile,O Daughter of Tarshish: the harbor is no more. 11 Jehovah will stretch out his hand over the Seaand distress kingdoms;he will give orders concerning the merchant citythat her ports of haven be destroyed. 12 He will say, You will frolic no more,O ravished virgin, Daughter of Sidon.Get up and cross over to Kittim,though even there you will find no rest.
13 So too with the land of the Chaldeans,the people who founded Tyreb for shipping.Was it not the Assyrians who set up observatories,exposed its fortifications, and caused her downfall? 14 Sound your sirens, O merchant ships;your haven is desolate!
15 In that day Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, the lifetime of a king. And at the end of seventy years, Tyre shall be as the harlot in the song:
16 Take a lyre and go about the town,O forgotten harlot.Play skillfully; sing song after song,that you may be remembered.
17 For after seventy years, Jehovah will revisit Tyre. And she will return to her trade and hire herself out to all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth. 18 Her merchandise and hire shall be consecrated to Jehovah; it shall not be hoarded or stored up. Her commerce shall provide for those who dwell in the presence of Jehovah, that they may eat their fill and be elegantly clothed.


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