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1 Send couriers to those who rule in the earth,from Sela in the desertto the mountain of the Daughter of Zion. 2 Like fluttering birds forced out of the nest,so are Moab’s women at the fords of Arnon. 3 Provide a solution, they say; judge our case!Overshadow us at high noon as though it were night!Shelter those dispossessed;betray not the refugees! 4 Let the exiles of Moab dwell with you;be a refuge to them from the aggressors!
When oppressors are no moreand violence has ceased,when tyrants are destroyed from the earth,
5 then, in loving kindness,shall a throne be set up in the abode of David,and in faithfulness a judge sit on itwho will maintain justice and expedite righteousness.
6 We have heard of the glories of Moab,of its excessive pride and its boasting,of its outbursts of false propaganda. 7 For this shall the Moabites be made to lament,and all have cause to bewail Moab:they shall groan at the ruin of Kir Haresethin utter dejection.
8 For the vineyards of Heshbon shall wither;the ruling nations will smite Sibmah’s vines.Its runner vines reached Jazer,trailing through the desert;its branches spread abroad across the sea. 9 Therefore I will mourn as Jazer mournsfor the vines of Sibmah;I will water you with my tears,O Heshbon and Elealeh,when your shouts of cheerover the summer fruit and harvest are stilled. 10 The joyful festivity will be gone from the orchards;no shouts of delight shall sound in the vineyards.The wine treaders will tread no wine in the presses;the vintage shout I will bring to an end.
11 My breast will vibrate like a harp for Moab,my inmost being for Kir Hareseth. 12 For when the Moabites weary themselveswith petitioning on the hill shrines,and enter their sanctuaries to pray,it shall be to no avail.
13 These things Jehovah spoke hitherto about Moab. 14 But now Jehovah has said, Within three years, as the term of a lease, Moab’s glory shall become ignominy. For all its large populace there shall be very few left, and those of no account.


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