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1 An oracle concerning Moab:
When in one night Ar is devastated,Moab shall be silenced;when in one night Kir is razed,Moab shall be destroyed.
2 They will go up to the sanctuaries,and in Dibon to the hill shrines, to weep;they will wail in Moab over Nebo and Medeba.Every head shall be bald, every beard cut off. 3 They will wear sackcloth openly;on the housetops and in the streetsthey will altogether wail and give way to weeping.
4 Heshbon will cry for help, as will Elealeh;their appeal shall be heard as far as Jahaz.They will sound the alarmto summon the armed men of Moab,but their spirit shall be broken. 5 My heart will cry out for Moab;its fugitives will reach Zoarand as far as Eglath Shelishiah.In tears they will ascend the slopes of Luhith;on the road to Horonaimthey will raise the cry of catastrophe.
6 For the Waters of Nimrim shall be desolate;the grass shall dry up, vegetation disappear,and no green foliage shall remain. 7 The surplus they have acquired,and their personal belongings,they will carry awayover the Valley of the Willows. 8 The cry of calamityshall encompass the land of Moab;the sound of it shall reach Eglaimand echo as far as Beer Elim.
9 Although the Waters of Dibon shall flow with blood,yet will I impose more than this upon Dibon:I will bring lions upon the fugitives of Moaband on those who remain in the land.


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