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1 Jehovah will have compassion on Jacoband once again choose Israel;he will settle them in their own land,and proselytes will adhere to themand join the house of Jacob. 2 The nations will take themand bring them to their own place.And the house of Israel will possess themas menservants and maidservantsin the land of Jehovah:they will take captive their captorsand rule over their oppressors.
3 In the day Jehovah gives you relief from grief and anguish and from the arduous servitude imposed on you, 4 you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon, and say,
How the tyrant has met his end and tyrannya ceased!
5 Jehovah has broken the staff of the wicked, the rod of those who ruled 6 him who with unerring blowsstruck down the nations in anger,who subdued peoples in his wrathby relentless oppression. 7 Now the whole earth is at rest and at peace;there is jubilant celebration! 8 The pine trees, too, rejoice over you,as do the cedars of Lebanon:Since you have been laid low,no hewer has risen against us!
9 Sheol below was in commotion because of you,anticipating your arrival;on your account it roused all the spiritsof the world’s leaders,causing all who had ruled nationsto rise up from their thrones. 10 All alike were moved to say to you,Even you have become powerless as we are!You have become like us!
11 Your glory has been cast down to Sheol,along with the music of your lyres.Beneath you is a bed of maggots;you are covered with worms. 12 How you have fallen from the heavens,O morning star, son of the dawn!You who commanded the nationshave been hewn down to earth!
13 You said in your heart, I will rise in the heavensand set up my throne above the stars of God;I will seat myselfin the mount of assembly of the gods,in the utmost heights or Zaphon. 14 I will ascend above the altitude of the clouds;I will make myself like the Most High!
15 But you have been brought down to Sheol,to the utmost depths of the Pit. 16 Those who catch sight of youstare at you, wondering,Is this the man who made the earth shakeand kingdoms quake, 17 who turned the world into a wilderness,demolishing its cities,permitting not his captives to return home?
18 All rulers of nations lie in state,each among his own kindred. 19 But you are cast away unburiedlike a repugnant fetus,exposed like the slain disfigured by the sword,whose mangled remains are thrown in a gravel pit.
20 You shall not share burial with them,for you have destroyed your landand murdered your people.May the brood of miscreantsnever more be mentioned! 21 Prepare for the massacre of their sons,in consequence of their fathers’ deeds,lest they rise up againand take possession of the world,and fill the face of the earth with cities.
22 I will rise up against them, says Jehovah of Hosts.I will cut off Babylon’s name and remnant,its offspring and descendants, says Jehovah. 23 I will turn it into swamplands, a haunt for ravens;I will sweep it with the broom of destruction,says Jehovah of Hosts.
24 Jehovah of Hosts made an oath, saying,
As I foresaw it, so shall it happen;as I planned it, so shall it be:
25 I will break Assyria in my own land,trample them underfoot on my mountains;their yoke shall be taken from them,their burden removed from their shoulders. 26 These are things determined upon the whole earth;this is the hand upraised over all nations. 27 For what Jehovah of Hosts has determined,who shall revoke?When his hand is upraised, who can turn it away?
28 In the year King Ahaz died, came this oracle:
29 Rejoice not, all you Philistines,now that the rod which struck you is broken.From among the descendants of that snakeshall spring up a viper,and his offspring shall be a fiery flying serpent. 30 The elect poor shall have pasture,and the needy recline in safety.But your descendants I will kill with famine,and your survivors shall be slain.
31 Wail at the gates; howl in the city!Utterly melt away, you Philistines!From the North shall come pillars of smoke,and no place he has designated shall evade it. 32 What shall then be told the envoys of the nation?Jehovah has founded Zion;let his longsuffering people find refuge there.


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