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Isaiah 30

At Jehovah’s coming the rebellious suffer destruction but those who prove loyal enjoy deliverance.

1 Woe to you, rebellious sons, says Jehovah,for drawing up plans, but not by me,for making alliances without my approval,only adding sin to sin! 2 They are bent on going down to Egypt—but have not inquired at my mouthon seeking protection in Pharaoh’s forces,on taking shelter in Egypt’s shadow.
3 But Pharaoh’s protection shall turn to your shame,shelter in Egypt’s shadow to embarrassment. 4 For all their officials at Zoan,and their envoys’ travels to Hanes, 5 they shall be utterly disgustedwith a people who will avail them nothing;they shall be of no help or benefit,but a humiliation and disgrace.
6 An oracle concerning the Beasts of Negeb:
Through a land of hardship and vicissitudes,of lions and the aroaringa king of beasts,of vipers and the fiery flying serpent,they carry their wealthon the backs of young asses,their riches on the humps of camels,to a people who cannot profit them.
7 Egypt’s help shall be futile and vain;therefore I refer to her as an idle boast.
8 Go now, write on tablets concerning them;record it in a book for the end-time,as a testimony forever. 9 They are a rebellious people, sons who break faith,children unwilling to obey the law of Jehovah, 10 who say to the seers, See not!and to those with visions,Predict not what is right for us:flatter us; foresee a farce! 11 Get out of the way; move aside, off the path!Cease confronting us with the Holy One of Israel!
12 Therefore, thus says the Holy One of Israel:Because you have rejected this word,and rely on manipulation and double dealing,and on them are dependent, 13 this iniquity will be to you as a perilous breachexposed in a high wallwhich suddenly and unexpectedly collapses. 14 It shall shatter with a crashlike an earthenware vessel ruthlessly smashed,among whose fragments shall not be found a shardwith which to scoop lit embers from a fireplace,or dip water from a tank.
15 For thus says my Lord Jehovah,the Holy One of Israel:By a calm response triumph;with quiet confidence gain the victory.But you would have none of it. 16 For you thought, Not so; we will flee on horses!Therefore shall you flee indeed.We will ride on swift mounts!Therefore shall your pursuers be swifter. 17 You will flee by the thousand at the threat of one,by thousands at the threat of five,till you are left as a flagstaff on a mountaintop,an ensign on a hill.
18 Then will Jehovah delay his coming,that he may favor you;out of mercy toward you he will remain aloof.For Jehovah is the God of justice;blessed are all who wait for him.
19 O people of Zion, O inhabitants of Jerusalem,you shall have no cause to weep.He will graciously respond at the cry of your voice;he will answer you as soon as he hears it. 20 Though my Lord give you the bread of adversityand the water of affliction,yet shall your Teacher remain hidden no longer,but your eyes shall see the Master. 21 Your ears shall hear words from behind yousaying, This is the way; walk in it!should you turn left or right. 22 You will discard as uncleanyour graven idols plated with silver,your cast idols gilded in gold;you will eject themas a menstruous woman her impurityand say, Away with you!
23 Then will he water with rainthe seed you sow in the ground,that the land’s increase of foodmay be rich and abundant.In that day your cattle shall grazein ample pasturelands, 24 and the oxen and asses that till the soileat grain silage winnowed with shovel and fork.
25 On all mountain heights and prominent hillsshall appear streams of running water,on the day of the great slaughter,when the towers fall. 26 The light of the moonshall be as the light of the sun,and the light of the sun increase sevenfold;as the light of seven days shall it be,in the day Jehovah binds upthe fracture of his peopleand heals their open wound.
27 Behold, Jehovah Omnipotentb coming from afar!His wrath is kindled, heavy is his grievance;his lips flow with indignation,his tongue is like a devouring fire. 28 His breath is like a raging torrentthat severs at the neck.He comes to sift the nationsin the sieve of falsehood;with an erring bridle on their jawshe will try the peoples.
29 But for you there shall be singing,as on the night when a festival commences,and rejoicing of heart, as when men marchwith flutes [and drums and lyres]con their way to the mountain of Jehovah,to the Rock of Israel.
30 Jehovah will cause his voice to resound,and make visible his arm descending in furious rage,with flashes of devouring fire,explosive discharges and pounding hail. 31 At the voice of Jehovahthe Assyrians will be terror-stricken,they who used to strike with the rod. 32 At every sweep of the staff of authority,when Jehovah lowers it upon them,they will be fought in mortal combat.
33 For Tophet has been prepared of old,a hearth indeed, made ready for rulers;broad and deep is its fire pit and ample its pyre;
Jehovah’s breath burns within itlike a river of lava.

  • a6 Hebrew mēhem, of them, emended to nôhēm.
  • b27 Literally, the name of Jehovah.
  • c29 Terms brought up from verse 32, where they follow they shall be fought, a probable textual dislocation.


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